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April 2009



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Another quick update, in case anyone wonders...

I've been incredibly busy at work. 10 hour days are the norm at this point. I am doing my own analytical job, and I am also the microbiologist for the rest of this month. Two jobs, one person, long days. I work, eat, sleep. Repeat.

Geneva and I survived our time together while Laura was gone. No major meltdowns, it actually went really well. Her team won their soccer tournament, so starting this weekend they get to play in a state tourney. They had an undefeated season, undefeated tournament, and hopefully they will be able to win this state tourney. They deserve it.

I also survived the GRE. I will not mention my scores. They were actually better than I thought they'd be, but not as good as I wanted them to be. I did better on quantitative than on verbal...which makes no sense to me because verbal was my strong suit in all of my practice tests. Oh well, it is over, and I am somewhat satisfied with my scores. I just hope that my schools of choice are, too.

I went to the doctor Tuesday to get the results from the MRI on my knee. I will be having knee surgery sometime in the remaining two months of this year. Apparently my initial injury tore my ACL, PCL, MCL, and meniscus. The only thing still intact is my LCL, and it is stretched. Basically, Paul's dance routine tore every ligament in my knee...except one...and that one was stretched. I have nothing really holding my knee together at this point, and that is why it keeps popping and moving and hurting all the time. Duh. My doctor said if it doesn't get fixed soon I will have osteoarthritis in my knee within the next 10 years or so. Awesome. I go to an orthopaedic surgeon next Tuesday to get the low-down and hopefully get something scheduled.

I sent off my first grad school application on Monday. It is on its way to Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. I hope they like me, because I really like them.

I have also decided that I would like to learn how to snowboard. I wanted to start learning this winter, but who knows how long knee recovery will take. I don't know that snowboarding would really be the best activity to start learning a month after having reconstructive knee surgery. Just a guess. We will see what the doctor says, though...

There really is nothing else going on in my life. Just working and spending money.


Congrats on getting set up for grad school. That sucks about your knee, though... I've damaged all of those ligaments, and recovery sucked. I'm still afraid to do anything that involves ice and sliding.

Good luck!
congrats on the gre love! and yea for grad school application! i hope they can get your knee all fixed up so you can dance like crazy again :)

thank you for the b-day card, by the way-it totally made my day :)
I am sorry I didn't give you a call. I thought about it at least 10 times while I was at work, and then just totally forgot by the time I was actually able to call.
I know, that sounds bad.
I miss you like whoa, and I hope you are doing well.
I'll call soon. I promise.