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April 2009



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2008 is quickly approaching, and I can't believe it. I feel like this year flew by, but I guess that is how it goes as we get older.

I am trying to get ready for Christmas, and I think I'm almost there. I've only got a couple gifts left to buy, and for the first time in the past 7 years or so, I didn't have to go up to my ass in debt to get gifts for everyone. Granted, I am pretty much broke at this point, but I bought everything with cash, and that is a good feeling. Geneva is going to have a good Christmas, and I am excited to see her reaction. She pretty much got everything she asked for, including a Nintendo DS, a microscope kit (score!), clothes, a science education board game (double score!), a skateboard (with a helmet and pads, of course), new shoes, books, and a couple games for her new DS and her existing Gamecube. Now we just have to figure out what to get her for her birthday (12/27). Hmm. I got Laura a couple sweaters, a new cell phone (since Louis has eaten pieces of hers), and a $150 gift certificate to a tattoo shop. For her birthday(12/30), I got her a gift package to a day spa for a facial, pedicure, and 60 minute massage.
I only know one gift that she got me, and it is because I totally guessed it. Are you all ready for this? You are going to be JEALOUS!
Laura bought tickets for us to go see Wicked when it is in Cincinnati. We are going Jan. 24th. 6th row floor seat tickets. I am totally excited.

I have also been thinking of some way to make Christmas much less like Christmas...and more like a winter celebration. I want Geneva to be able to form her own opinions about religion, and gods in general. I feel like celebrating "christmas" is hollow, because none of us believe in the Holiday. I am not quite sure how to make a transition to anything other than christmas without stirring up touble in the rest of the family. I've had a couple discussions with Geneva about Christianity, and she says she doesn't believe in god. I told her that I will not tell her what to believe or not believe--that as she grows and learns, she will be able to decide for herself. I think this is a correct way to raise a child where religion is concerned. A little girl in her class told her last week that if she didn't pray to jesus on christmas that she would go deaf. I think this is what happens when children are coerced into the beliefs of their parents--which they may not fully understand. Then they scare other kids, and it gets ugly. I can't stand it.

Anyways, I do also have a surgery date (finally). It will be the 28th of December. Which puts me out of commission for Geneva's and Laura's birthday parties as well as any kind of New Year's celebration. I won't complain, though. It is getting done this year, and that saves me quite a bit of money. I still don't have anyone to actually take me to the surgery center because everyone has to work and can't request off at this point. Who knows.
I will be off work from 12/28-2/11/2008 at minimum. Hopefully those six weeks will be long enough, because after that my disability pay gets cut to 60% of my base salary. In any case, you should all plan to visit me. I'll need to company.

Laura and I are heading to Nelsonville this weekend for the holiday gathering. I can't wait to see everyone and spend some quality time together.

I guess I better get back to work now. I've only got a few days left, then I don't have to worry about this place for several weeks.


I cannot believe you guys are going to see Wicked - I am totally happy for you (really not happy just jealous) but I want to go so bad that I am thinking about ways I could steal the tickets. Maybe I could lock you and Laura in the basement when you get here and keep you as slaves. Then I could use your tickets and get to talk to you everyday. Plus I would have slaves to clean my house for me. You better watch out!
Wow, that is kind of scary. All of it except the getting to talk to you every day thing.

I knew you'd be jealous...but I never dreamed you would think of ways to enslave me!

Can't wait to see you...