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April 2009



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I found out today that my health insurance will not cover the portion of my operation that involves replacement of my ACL. They will pay for everything else, but not the grafting of tissue to create a new ligament. I have to pay for that out of pocket. $1600.

Anyhow, I am scheduled to be knocked out and stitched together at 2:30pm tomorrow. Send me some good thoughts.

I am glad that christmas is over (winter holiday, whatever). I got some new pots/pans and a kitchenaid mixer from laura (she is telling me where I belong), as well as the tickets to Wicked. My parents got me a sweatshirt and some jeans, and grandma gave me a gift card to the mall. Geneva got everything she wanted and more. Today is Geneva's birthday, so she will be getting even more stuff. Woo.

I am tired and had been fighting a mild case of the flu all week. I finally feel somewhat normal, which is good because surgery would have to be delayed if I had a fever.

My second grad school application is on its way to OU. Only two more left to send.

I get off work in 20 minutes, and don't have to be back in this place again until mid February.

That is pretty much all...


good luck hun!! i'll be thinking of ya :)
Good luck tomorrow, I'll be sending good thoughts your way. Sorry that we couldn't meet up this visit --- we were only in Dayton for a day and my brother showed up and stuff so I needed to stay and visit with the fam, but maybe next time we are in OH we can visit!! Take care! Give me a call sometime while you are recovering and hopefully enjoying the time off of work.
Good luck!
I'm sure the surgery will be fine. We will need to come and visit while you are out of commission - I promise. Love you.
Lots of love and good thoughts towards a speedy recovery! Miss you tons...I wished we had more time to visit you while we were in your area of the state.