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April 2009



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It's alive....

Just a post to let everyone know that I survived sugery and am slowly recovering. Thanks for all the well wishes and good thoughts.

I was throwing up and drugged like whoa for the first four days after sugery. I lived on water and toast, and quickly lost track of time. I slept through Laura's birthday and New Years. I have been more alert for the last few days, eating normally, and trying to stay upbeat. I had my first follow up with the doctor on Monday, and he removed all my bandages and staples in my incisions. My poor leg is bruised and ugly. Not to mention the fact that my thigh and calf muscles are all but gone from 10 days of inactivity. The doctor informed me that my ACL tissue graft came from a 21 year old guy who was killed in a car accident. Not on the order of a kidney or liver, but I still have a sense of thankfulness and gratitude for being given a chance to have a normal knee joint.
I started physical therapy this week. I had a visit Tuesday, a visit today, and a third tomorrow. I will be going three times per week for 8 weeks, and one time per week for 8 weeks thereafter. It is incredibly painful right now, because my joint is very tight and agitated. I thought the first day was bad, but I was on the verge of tears today. I cannot bend or straighten my leg entirely, and it is impossible to walk since I have no muscle left to support my body weight. I know that PT will be ramping up over the next week, but I am going to really throw myself into it.
I am pretty much homebound right now, and have only been outside three times in two weeks. I won't be given any driving privileges for another 2 weeks, but since my car is a stick shift, the doctor said definitely not for at least another 6 weeks. Given that I can't drive or walk, I have been doing a lot of reading, and watching a lot of TV. I have a full leg brace that I have to wear most of the time in order to keep my leg straight so the ACL graft will heal correctly. To sum it up, life is uncomfortable and boring right now. However, I am happy that I have the chance to fully heal at home without fear of losing my paycheck. That is a major bonus.

Also on the bright side of things--I received an acceptance letter from Evergreen State College in the mail last week. Laura and I are discussing it, and trying to decide if that is someplace we would truly like to be a year from now. I still have two more applications to send out, so I'll see what else comes back over the next few months.

That is pretty much all I have to report. Just wanted to let everyone know that I am alive and recovering. I hope everyone is doing well in 2008, and I'll try to keep you all posted.

Visotors are always welcome...


a) Glad to hear you're recovering!!!
b) Congrats on the acceptance to Evergreen!!!!!!
c) I wish I could stop by for a visit, but that 12 hour drive is a total bitch.

If you don't move to Evergreen, check out Minnesota... You would LOVE it here! :)
I have heard great things about Minnesota. One of the temps who works in the lab with me lived there for two years. He loved it.

Hope things are going well for you, it's been a while.

I saw a show on TV the other day about Ronald Reagan, and I thought of your speech at Paul's bonfire...
OMG, I remember that night... I miss bonfires at their place. Those were hell of good times!
I am glad your recovery is going well! Congrats on your acceptance!

We tried calling on NYE, but your phone was off (understandably).

When your knee heals, you should come to Tucson and hike with me!

I miss you!!!!
Definitely planning to come visit you all in Tuscon once I am able.
I was definitely incoherent on NYE, and probably didn't really know what was going on. Thanks for at least trying to call, though.

Miss you and love you...
I'm glad your surgery went well. We need to come visit sometime and I promise we will soon. Take this opportunity to watch all of Buffy!!!
we've been trying to watch more Buffy the past couple weeks. I can't watch it on my own while I am home--Laura would be pissed.
You guys better get here soon!
i'm so glad you are on the mend and feeling a bit better! and huge congrats on the acceptance-super exciting!!!
hey --

Glad to hear that the surgery went well and you are recovering. Really sorry we didn't make it over to visit while we were in Dayton -- but we only had one day and things with the fam were actually going well for once! But anyways, hopefully we'll be in town again in the summer. Congrats on the acceptance - that's awesome. Anyways, take it easy. Miss you!!!!! Tell Laura I said hi!