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April 2009



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Opinions, please.

I have noticed a lot of media coverage of the "shift" toward the center in Obama's views/policies. Troop withdrawal, NAFTA, and taxes among other things. Given the whole mess of the flip flop phenomenon during the 2004 election, I felt a little alarmed. It seems as though the media is whipping the liberal left into a whiny frenzy, and feeding the fears of another run-of-the-mill politician.
I will admit that upon reading the first couple of articles relaying this information, I was feeling a little emotional. After reading this article:
I felt a kind of depressed. It left me with the feeling (as it intended to do, I believe) of being used for my liberal stance to help Obama capture a nomination, just so he could show his true colors.
After careful thought, though, I have decided that this is a ploy to get the left worked up. I also believe that while Obama may be talking of changes in his views, it is just to court the Reagan democrats, the ex-Clintons, and the middle of the road voters who aren't yet convinced. He is trying to widen his base by playing both ends of the spectrum, and I believe (i HAVE to believe) that when he finally is elected, he will settle somewhere in a happy medium.

So what does everyone else think? Was the agent of change just a ploy? Is he not as spic and span and shiny as we all thought? Or are we being played?



I don't think he's a centrist or moving to the center-- i think it's horseshit media crap.
When I saw this bullshit on the news this morning, I was like "Seriously, WTF!!!". I am hoping that this is just media hype and/or that he is trying to get votes from "centers"...my opinion.
i was concerned at first too but everything i've been reading and hearing talks about the difference between primary elections and general. mccain is doing it too actually-he's coming more to the middle in some things to appeal to some of the same groups obama is targeting. it's all good :)